Real benefits users of Vehicle Tracking Solutions® are seeing right now

Organizations that rely on the best use of their vehicles and mobile assets stand to gain quite a lot by employing Silent Passenger powered by Vehicle Tracking Solutions. Our powerful and easy to use vehicle tracking system will give users total command over their fleet, considerably reducing expenses and enhancing efficiency.

1. Improved Driver Behavior

One of the leading factors in excessive fleet expenses is unauthorized vehicle usage and improper operator habits. Silent Passenger delivers a wide range of data regarding operating behavior. Actions such as speed, operator behavior, hours of use, and idling time are all measurable and may be addressed.

These records enable businesses to implement driving guidelines and reduce undesired behavior such as excessive speeding, lateness and prolonged idling. Research has shown that vehicle monitoring motivates employees to operate more efficiently and discourages using business vehicles for personal use.

2. Increased Security and Safety

A GPS vehicle tracking solution will also help enhance the fleet’s overall security and safety. If a vehicle is stolen, our Silent Passenger device will assist in recovering the vehicle as well as onboard equipment or cargo easily. Additionally, real-time alerts can notify users mobile phones instantly in the event the vehicle is utilized during off-hours.

Additionally, Vehicle Tracking Solutions features timely alert functionality to inform the user whenever vehicles are scheduled for routine maintenance. Adequate upkeep is essential in making certain that the fleet is compliant with industry and government safety regulations and may reduce repairs in the long term.

3. Growing Customer Base

In today’s on-demand culture, consumers are no longer content with vague estimations of when their product or service will arrive – they want to know now. With Vehicle Tracking Solutions, companies can deliver that feedback and peace of mind and instant gratification straight to their computer or mobile device.

4. Boosted Employee Morale

It’s no secret that happier employees are more productive employees. By utilizing a fleet management solution, you will know where your fleet is at all times – so there is no longer a need to interrupt their workday to reach out and ask them!  Your team will feel more trusted and less “hassled”… giving them a sense of freedom, being trusted and letting them get on with the business of YOUR BUSINESS!

5. Pinpoint Mapping

Proper fleet tracking demands up to date and concise mapping – Vehicle Tracking Solutions utilizes the power of Google maps, which has become the standard for mapping technology – providing the most accurate and up-to-date mapping information available. In addition to the quality and accuracy Google maps provide, users will also enjoy the familiar flexibility – allowing them to zoom to street level and have access to road, landscape, satellite, hybrid, and Google Street views. Furthermore, having real-time traffic data will enable the dispatch team to assist drivers in avoiding traffic jams and delays.

6. Enhanced Customer Support Capabilities

Combined with mapping software, fleet owners and managers are always certain of the precise location of each vehicle within their fleet. This provides dispatchers the power to efficiently direct drivers to any job site or location depending on location or conditions. GPS vehicle tracking offers superior routing and dispatching which in turn minimizes fuel usage, minimizes vehicle miles and increases the output production of each work day. Additionally, users have the ability to determine the exact time a vehicle showed up on a job and at what time it departed, supplying precise and verifiable proof of services.

7. Minimizing Fuel Expenses

Every action taken by any one of the vehicles monitored by Silent Passenger becomes a tangible, measurable event easily called up and analyzed. Speeding, excessive idling and inefficient routes all add up to impact the bottom line.

Combining all of this data with the fuel purchases performed on your corporate fleet fuel card account, gives fleet operators the ability to dramatically reduce fuel costs. Silent Passenger partners with the largest fleet fuel card vendors in the industry to ensure they can provide these savings to all clients on different fleet fuel card platforms.

Vehicle tracking also offers location-based data that dispatchers may use to deliver appropriate redirecting information to techs and vehicles in the field or dispatching a closer representative, further cutting down fuel consumption while improving customer service.

8. Real-time Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking Solutions supplies active GPS vehicle tracking. Meaning that the information from the GPS receiver is sent to a user in regular intervals providing real-time location data to the Silent Passenger web site or the Silent Passenger mobile apps, as opposed to requiring a manual download of the day’s events from an installed, plugged in device.

9. Web-based Convenience and Accessibility

Vehicle Tracking Solutions supplies the fleet’s data securely on-line, giving users access to their account from any device with internet access. The versatility and accessibility that comes with a SaaS cloud-based solution makes it the far superior choice when choosing a GPS solution.

10. Complete Reporting and Timely Alerts

Vehicle Tracking Solutions enables instant generation, or scheduled e-mails can be sent automatically with exact and readable reports over a daily, weekly or monthly basis dating back to vehicle & driver history data collected from the moment the system was implemented.

Real-Time alerts easily inform the user of unwanted, wasteful or dangerous driving behaviors. Flagged alerts in reporting provide a clear overview of trends or unproductive driving habits.  Instant alerts the moment a violation happens by email or mobile device. Alerts may also be activated by abnormal speeding or idling, late start times, extended stop times, unauthorized vehicle utilization as well as the times a vehicle goes into or leaves particular areas.




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