Have you considered the impact that a robust telematics software solution could have on your fleet’s operations?

Public fleet safety is nearly impossible to manage. With a number of drivers, operators, and vehicles maintaining control is challenging without help.

Fleet safety is a top priority for public fleets. The costs of fuel, accidents, insurance, and downtime can add up quickly without proper monitoring and control. Fleet safety not only impacts the drivers and vehicles, but also the constituents within the city, state, or town that the fleet operates in.

Public fleet telematics software is the key to gaining control and streamlining fleet operations.

The telematics industry is changing. The software that you invested in for GPS tracking a few years ago may not be enough to keep up with technological advances.

Public Fleet Safety Technology

The best fleet telematics software harnesses the power of data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. While these all seem like complicated terms that create a solution too complex for a public fleet, they are key to optimizing your fleet’s performance.

Telematics solutions collect millions of data points from your drivers, vehicles, and even back-office systems. The software then uses this collection of data to record activity, make predictions, and provide key insights into fleet operations.

Rather than hiring someone to manually comb through information on vehicle maintenance, fuel spend, driver safety, and other elements, choose a fleet telematics software that will do that and more.

In 2019, telematics will change the way the public sector manages fleets.

Can you afford not to invest in an advanced solution?

3 Ways That Telematics Can Help Your Public Fleet

  • Automation

Why hire someone to spend hours uploading information on fuel spend or vehicle maintenance into spreadsheets? This process takes time and once all of that information is compiled you will still need someone to sort through it if you want the information to influence your management processes.

Telematics software automates all of this: collecting data, uploading information, and creating insights.

Safety management is a key component of public fleet management. The impact of accidents on a public fleet is substantial between repair costs, driver injuries, and downtime, expenses add up quickly.

Reduce or even eliminate expenses and downtime with driver behavior monitoring, coaching, and driver scorecards. When these elements are combined you can improve your fleet safety program to make the changes that you need to see in your public fleet.

  • Streamlined Operations

Public fleet operations can get messy. Between contracted workers and leased vehicles, hired drivers, and constituent expectations, there’s a lot to keep track of.

Telematics solutions allow you to connect your fleet to your back-office systems. By pushing and pulling data from drivers, vehicles, and other applications, you can increase your own insight and fleet visibility.

The future of public fleet management is data-insights and connectivity across every aspect of your vehicles, drivers, and constituents.

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