Across all industries, there’s a necessity to manage workforce productivity. This is especially true for mobile workforces with assets and vehicles. 

Mobile workforce management aims to connect  the dots between drivers, vehicles, and the back office. Managing delivery drivers, field workers, and other out of office employees can be incredibly challenging for a number of reasons. Managing productivity and spend across your fleet remotely is difficult.

You need an entire back office staff to keep track of receipts for fuel and maintenance, input the data into spreadsheets manually, and schedule maintenance and other work orders. The process is tedious, time-consuming, and often ineffective. How many of your vehicles are missing their routine maintenance, because your business does not have a reliable way of keeping track of past maintenance and future appointments?

Without a trustworthy solution in place, you cannot be sure that you are effectively managing your workforce.

Do you ever ask yourself:

  • Where are your vehicles?
  • Are all assigned jobs completed on time?
  • Is your fleet consuming too much fuel?
  • How easily can you dispatchers communicate with your drivers?

The list of questions goes on and on.

How are you managing your mobile workforce?

Simple GPS tracking is not enough to stay on top of your workforce anymore. What if there was a simple way for you to increase visibility across your fleet?

With evolving technology brings changes to the way that fleets are managed. New technology allows for better insight into fleet operations which enables fleet managers to make better, data-driven business decisions. Without a mobile workforce management software solution, your business could lose thousands of dollars each year. The implementation of a solution could drive productivity, improve operational efficiency, and boost revenue.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Workforce Management Solution

  • Vehicle and Asset Utilization Do you know how much money a business can lose by under utilizing their assets? This can add up to thousands of dollars each year. Asset and vehicle under utilization is often a result of lack of fleet visibility. With a fleet management software solution, you can track the utilization of your assets across your fleet. Easily keep track of which assets are used, when, and protect them from theft with real-time movement alerts. There is a 33% higher workforce utilization in businesses using a fleet and field service management software than those who do not.
  • Safety Managing fleet safety across a mobile workforce is difficult. Unsafe drivers cause accidents, vehicle wear and tear, and even insurance premiums. By implementing a telematics software with driver behavior monitoring, as well as driver scorecard capabilities, allows you to maintain better control and visibility over driver safety.
  • Fleet Visibility Do you know where your vehicles are? If not, how can you track productivity over time? See a comprehensive view of your entire fleet, check the location of a single vehicle, and change routes in real-time with telematics software.
  • Customer Service Do you have a simple way of communicating ETAs with your customers? With Silent Passenger, you can share your driver’s information, locations, and ETAs in real-time with your customers. Keep the lines of communication open and hold your drivers accountable with the easy to use application.

These are only four of the ways that using a mobile workforce management software solution can benefit your business. The mobile workforce management guide goes into further detail about the effective management of a mobile workforce. Can you improve productivity, save money, and boost your profits with the help of Silent Passenger?

Download our free Mobile Workforce Management guide to learn more.


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