Are you feeling overwhelmed by poor communication across your mobile workforce?

Keeping in contact with your mobile employees can be incredibly challenging when you do not see them face to face. If you don’t take control of the situation and establish ground rules for better communication, you may never be able to fix this issue.

Communication issues can result in a number of inefficiencies such as billing issues, incomplete jobs, unnecessary costs, and more. Unfortunately, with a mobile workforce, managers do not see many of their employees often. By not interacting face to face on a daily basis, employees can lose sight of operational goals and strategies. This leads to difficulties with maintaining productivity, communication, and customer relations.

Despite your mobile workforce being widespread across towns, cities, states, or even an entire country, you can still maintain communication with all of your employees. In fact, with the right mobile workforce software solution in place, it is easier than ever to stay in contact with your fleet. Good communication, both internal and external, across your workforce is the key to maintaining efficiency.

A fleet or mobile workforce manager must work harder to maintain contact with employees throughout the workday.

4 Ways to Improve Communication

  • Establish a clear policy Clearly map out your expectations for day-to-day communication with your employees. How often do you need to hear from them? Do you want updates each time they arrive at and leave a job site? What kind of information can help your run your workforce more efficiently?
  • Build community Even though your employees spend more time in the field than with each other, you should make an effort to make them feel connected to the company. Encourage employees to communicate with each other, hold regular meetings in the office, and keep employees informed about company news. By creating a connection between the employee and the company you can improve their company loyalty by making them feel more connected.
  • Encourage two-way communication
    While it’s important that you communicate instructions, policies, and rules to your employees, you should have an open dialogue with them. Encourage your employees to share their thoughts and concerns with you, so that you can establish trust with them and work to improve the operations of the workplace. This open communication will allow you to learn more about what you can do to help your mobile workforce work efficiently. It’s important that your employees feel heard. After all, the success of your business depends on the work of your employees.
  • Use technology
    Perhaps the best way to improve communication across your workforce is to implement technology that allows you to communicate with your employees easily. By investing in technology that helps with communication you can cut back on distracted driving, missed calls, and other communication mishaps that occur in a mobile workplace.

Benefits of Improved Communication

Real-time communication is crucial for a successful fleet operation. With mobile workforce management software, you can maintain contact throughout the day with simple 2-way messaging. Update routes, send directions, and more in real-time with the touch of a button. Stop worrying about wasting time or losing productivity by maintaining contact with cell phones with poor service, dying batteries, or a number of other issues.

Improving Customer Service By Improving Communication

Did you know that improving workforce communication can actually improve your organization’s customer service?

To stand out from the competition, in any industry, providing excellent customer service is crucial. If you can’t even communicate face to face with your employees, how do you ensure that your customers are having a great customer experience? Technology to help you improve your customer’s experience is being developed and improved every day. Is your business falling behind?

Accurate Customer Billing 

With added insight into the schedules, job progress, and real-time locations of your mobile workers, you can streamline your customer billing process. Say goodbye to billing discrepancies with the help of a mobile workforce management software. Now, you have confirmation that your employees were on the job site and the length of time that they were there for.


Telematics software technology can allow you to share key information with your customers regarding ETAs, locations, driver information, and more. Transparency is key to a good customer experience, are you sharing enough information with your clients?

Sharing ETAs, vehicle locations, and even driver information can help establish your business’ credibility and trust while making your customer’s lives easier.

Learn more about the technology that helped P.C. Richard’s improve customer service in this case study.

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It’s clear that using the right mobile workforce management software is the best way to improve communication across your mobile workforce.

Learn more about Mobile Workforce Management in the guide. 


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