According to the American Trucking Associations, $90 billion was spent on diesel fuel in 2016, making it the second highest expense for fleets. 

Are you overspending on fuel?

As the cost of fuel rises, drivers of personal and commercial vehicles are feeling the financial impact of the increase. In April, we went into detail about the rising prices. As a fleet owner, operator, or manager, how can you control fuel costs? Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about fuel prices, but you can make changes to your fleet management plan to improve fuel efficiency and save money in the long-run.

Fleet management software can help you manage fuel consumption and usage to help drive efficiency and productivity.

Below is a list of five ways that you can manage fuel spend with telematics software:


1. Driver Behavior: Speeding

Speeding over 50 mph costs adds an additional $0.20 per gallon for every 5-mile-per-hour increase.  

By staying at or under the posted speed limit, a driver stays safer on the road and saves money on fuel. Not to mention the cost of vehicle maintenance caused by damage and reckless driving over time. As well as the cost of early replacement when a vehicle’s lifespan is shortened.  

Monitoring and correcting unsafe driver behaviors reduce long-term expenses, fuel costs, and improves safety benefiting the entire fleet.

2. Driver Behavior: Engine Idling

Idling for just a single hour can burn up to an entire gallon of fuel. In fact, roughly 1 billion gallons of fuel is consumed every year in the US by idling commercial vehicles.  Overall, limiting idling can save thousands each year.  

Driver Behavior Monitoring software can alert you when one of your vehicles is idling for over a certain period of time. If your drivers are sitting in the truck with the engine idling before and after work or during breaks, this monitoring software can alert you to that behavior. Then, you can create customized driver coaching plans to discourage idling.

Eliminating this behavior across your fleet can save thousands of dollars each year.

 3. Workforce Management: Routing 

How much money does your fleet waste taking unnecessarily long routes, waiting in traffic, and running errands in company vehicles? What if there was a better way to optimize your routes?  

You can save thousands in fuel costs across your entire fleet by simply optimizing routes. With the right routing and mapping software, you can shorten routes, place two drivers in one vehicle, and complete stops faster. Think about how much time and money you can save with better routing.

4. Vehicle Maintenance: Routine Maintenance 

Are all of your vehicles well maintained? With routine preventative maintenance scheduled you can ensure that all of your vehicles stay on the road longer. This helps to improve fuel efficiency and lower overall fleet management costs.

For more information on saving money and improving fleet vehicle longevity, watch this on-demand webinar about vehicle maintenance programs.

5.  Savings: Fuel Management

The simplest way to minimize fuel spend is to integrate fuel cards with your fleet management solution. By pairing a fleet fuel card with a driver or vehicle you can see exactly how much each driver spends on fuel, compare actual fuel consumption to the amount of fuel a vehicle can hold, and see historical data and fuel trends for each vehicle. This is key in preventing fuel fraud, unauthorized vehicle use, and fuel consuming behaviors such as idling and speeding.

Are you ready to learn more about fuel management solutions and telematics software?

Download the fuel management guide here.Fuel-Management-Guide










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