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Customer Testimonials

We compared a one year period of time with the following results: We did 132 more rides using 1,254 gallons of gas less. I give credit to the installation of the Vehicle Tracking Solutions system as being the largest factor in this savings.New Jersey Limousine Company

What's great about Vehicle Tracking Solutions is they stand behind their product. I could have bought a GPS system from a dozen of their competitors but being in the service business, I know what good service is and that's what I get from Vehicle Tracking Solutions. Vehicle Tracking Solutions is one of those tools where once you have it; don't ever take it away from me. And once you're dealing with a company like VTS, you don't want to deal with anyone else.Long Island Cesspool Company

Vehicle Tracking Solutions has helped make our company more efficient in routing. Because of this we don't have to go out and buy more trucks.Long Island Food Distribution Company

Silent Passenger Features!

Mobile Applications

Check our the Silent Passenger mobile Application on any Android or Apple device!

Rapid Update

Allows you to receive updates every 10 seconds when you engage this feature.

Locate Now

Allows you to retrieve, in real-time, the exact location of your vehicle.


2-Way text messaging and job dispatching from Silent Passenger directly to the Garmin in your vehicle.

SP Speed™

Allows you to recieve real-time notifications or historical reports any time a vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit on any street/road/highway.

Real-Time ETA

Get real-time Estimated Time of Arrivals for your vehicles to any locations!


Recieve Alerts via Text message or E-mail when a vehicle is speeding, idling, arriving/departing a location, or being used when it is not authorized to be used.


Generate reports On-demand or schedule an automated report to be e-mail to you and your staff daily, weekly or monthly.

Vehicle Service Module

Allows you to recieve notifications when maintenance is due on your vehicles, as well as registrations and other compliance items.


Vehicle Tracking Solutions offers an API which allows customers to integrate our GPS tracking application with your current back office software. Combining real-time vehicle information with your current systems will give you a 360 degree view of your company operations.
Integrate real-time vehicle information with:

  • Billing software
  • Dispatch software
  • Routing software
  • Work order management

    • Why do I need Silent Passenger?

      With today's tough economic times, it's crucial for you to run your business as efficiently as possible. Vehicle Tracking Solutions can help you reduce operating expenses while increasing the number of service calls you complete each day.

      As a VTS customer, you'll enjoy numerous benefits. Here are just a few:
      You will lower your monthly fuel costs, get control of and reduced overtime pay, you will boost company profits... read more

      A GPS fleet tracking system definitely improves the efficiency, profitability and safety of most business vehicle fleets. Any business that relies on its fleet of vehicles should consider the benefits of using a GPS tracking system. Some types of companies that could benefit from a vehicle tracking system.

      This includes:

      - Service businesses such as plumbing and HVAC
      - Limousine and taxi cab companies
      - Delivery companies
      - Utility companies
      - Waste disposal companies
      - Construction companies
      - Government fleets

      A GPS tracking system is the ideal solution for any company that would like to track where their vehicles are during the day.

      GPS Tracking System Considerations

      If you are a business owner or the fleet manager put in charge of evaluating the cost as well as potential of a GPS tracking system for your fleet, there are several items you should review before getting some price quotes. You should put together a list of what you want the tracking system to do for your fleet management.

      Some considerations are:

      - Will the system be used for passive tracking or as part an active dispatch system?
      - Who in the organization will be responsible for monitoring the GPS tracking and how much time does she have available for the task?
      - Will the vehicle driver have access to the GPS information for updates and location information, or will the system be hidden and not accessible by the drivers?
      - What metrics the company likes to uses to measure the effectiveness of the tracking system? Increased billing, reduced fuel costs, less vehicle down time and employee job monitoring are some measurements that a tracking system could effect.

      Selecting a GPS Tracking System

      Select a GPS tracking system through a three step process:

      Step 1: Can it track my fleet vehicles in a detailed, accurate way.
      Step 2: Can I have access to tracking my vehicle via a mobile app.
      Step 3: Can my service be customized to my business.

      Once that is established then you have your answer. That answer is Silent Passenger GPS Fleet Tracking management software and mobile application.