Why Choose VTS?

Data-Driven Fleet Intelligence Software That Drives Results

The Intelligent Fleet & Asset Management Choice

Vehicle Tracking Solutions (VTS), founded in 2002, is a pioneer and leader in telematics technology. The company’s Silent Passenger fleet and asset management software arms decision makers  with critical business intelligence, unique to their operational processes, which foster efficiency, performance, and profitability across their entire organization.

Our Philosophy

VTS offers the most robust fleet management technology available, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re continuously innovating and creating new possibilities, ensuring that our customers can optimize the intelligence that our software provides.

Our Mission

We have an unwavering mission: to work side by side with our customers and create customized solutions designed to lower their operating costs, increase profitability and result in higher productivity.

Our Team

We’re setting a new standard in fleet management. Learn more about who we are, and why we’re leaders in the industry. Each of us at VTS is committed to helping you drive productivity and enhance your bottom line throughout virtually every aspect of your fleet operations.

Transforming technology of the future, backed by 17+ years of flagship success 

VTS has been in business for nearly two decades. During this time, VTS has experienced growth in an environment where technology changes quickly. The needs of our customers, who we consider valued partners, have evolved along with it. Most of our success is because of the collaboration, investment, and trust that our customers have brought to the equation. We have been successful because we didn’t just chase current trends: we anticipated them, we embraced them, and in some cases, we created them.

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