With data volume nearly doubling every two years, are you prepared to identify the opportunities hidden in that flood of information? 53 percent of companies are adopting big data analytics as part of their strategy, and those who fail to get on board could find themselves obsolete. 



Looking at the top five technologies strategic to using analytics for gaining business intelligence, you’ll find reporting, dashboards, advanced visualization, end-user self-service, and data warehousing. These five technologies are actually at the core of what Vehicle Tracking Solutions offers in helping enterprises successfully connect the dots between fleet data analytics and decision making.



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Vehicle Tracking Solutions Silent Passenger software leverages telematics data to gain insight into fleets because it’s not just about having the data, it’s how the data is consumed. Silent Passenger decodes data based on trends and predictive analytics.


Once applied, the process flows as follows:


  1. Seamlessly integrate fleet management with enterprise applications
  2. Collect and analyze data in a single platform
  3. Cross-reference data
  4. Present in real-time
  5. Quantify how fleet performance impacts your business

Beginning with the statistic of 60 percent of fleets with telematics software have improved customer service and satisfaction, the result of adopting a telematics solution could be endless.

Some quantifiable results that demonstrate the power of telematics include:


  • More than 50% improvement in safety violations and accidents
  • Reduce maintenance costs by 50%
  • Reduce fuel costs by 20%
  • 15% decrease in travel time

When choosing to put a data management strategy in place, the first smart decision starts with choosing a trusted partner who understands your goals.

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