If your existing fleet maintenance management plan is a pile of service receipts on your desk or an unorganized list on paper, you need a new plan.

Take the stress out of fleet management by adopting a new, organized system.

There are a number of ways to keep track of vehicle maintenance across your fleet, but it is essential that you find the right method for your fleet. Without proper fleet maintenance management, your business could spend thousands of dollars on vehicle repairs caused by wear and tear, breakdowns, and shortened vehicle lifespans.

Proper fleet maintenance management is the only way to stay on top of your fleet, reduce costs, drive productivity, and boost profits.

Managing vehicle maintenance for an entire fleet is not an easy task. Whether you have 20 vehicles or 100 vehicles keeping track of all compliance documents, routine inspections, and service history is challenging. Accounting for expenses, repair history, and key details help you to efficiently manage your fleet’s operations, but how can you keep track of all of this information?   

How Do You Keep Track of Fleet Maintenance?

Below we examine the most popular ways of keeping track of fleet maintenance.    


Spreadsheets are by far the most popular way of keeping track of fleet maintenance, but are they the most efficient?  

Here are the pros and cons of using spreadsheets to track fleet maintenance:   


  • Cost: There is no upfront cost of managing fleet maintenance on a spreadsheet.    
  • Barriers to entry: If you have a computer, you probably have Microsoft Excel or a similar program that allows you to create spreadsheets.     
  • Control: You have full control over the spreadsheet if it is on your own computer.   


  • Organization: Unless you are a wiz at creating organized spreadsheets, chances are your document can be difficult to follow.   
  • Consistency: Using a spreadsheet to track fleet maintenance means that you must remember to update it after every event.   
  • Missing details: Whether you misplace receipts, or don’t remember to update the sheet regularly, you are bound to miss important details about your fleet’s service history.   

Overall, spreadsheets are an inexpensive option, but they require serious discipline and organization. If you do not have hours to spend updating the document and chasing down receipts and details from drivers, spreadsheets are not your best option.   


Some people choose to keep track of fleet maintenance history by using their own memory and their driver’s recollection. We don’t have to tell you that this is a bad idea. While this option is absolutely free, it is the most ineffective way to keep track of vehicle maintenance, service history, compliance documents, and other key components of fleet maintenance management.   

What do you do when a driver forgets to bring his vehicle in for an inspection or you lose track of the last time a vehicle’s oil was changed? Managing fleet maintenance by memory is the most inefficient method. In order to keep your vehicles well maintained and on the road as much as possible, you need to make sure that they stay compliant and functioning properly.

You should avoid tracking fleet maintenance by memory at all costs.   

Online Fleet Maintenance Program

We may be biased given that we are a fleet management software company but implementing an online fleet maintenance program is the best way to track vehicle maintenance.   

With a fleet management software, you can streamline the vehicle maintenance process by keeping track of records in an electronic logbook, stored in a cloud, that can be accessed from anywhere. You will always have full visibility into your fleet’s maintenance history, which means you’ll have complete control over your fleet maintenance process.   

While this software carries an upfront cost, this option is actually less expensive in the long-run because it includes a plan for preventative maintenance. By managing fleet maintenance activities, service scheduling, compliance, and repair details, you can keep your vehicles in optimal health and prevent future breakdowns.   

Fleet maintenance programs can extend the life of your vehicles and keep your fleet efficient and productive.   

Download our free step-by-step guide to implementing an online fleet maintenance management program to learn more about the benefits. 

Then, speak directly to one of our fleet management specialists to learn about how your business can benefit from an online fleet maintenance management program.


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