Asset Tracking Solutions

Silent Passenger® is a total asset management solution that keeps an eye on your equipment, even when you’re off the job site. Asset theft happens all too often, but there’s a solution that will help you protect your investment in equipment and other important tools that drive your business’ success.

Key Features:

  • Can track trailers, freight, heavy equipment, shipping containers and others.
  • Covers powered and non-powered assets.
  • You get to decide how often you receive alerts on your asset’s location.

Key Benefits:

  • Allows you to have complete visibility, control, and protection of your vulnerable assets.
  • Gives you the assurance of complete oversight of your assets, 24 x 7.

Just because an object may not be classified as a “vehicle”, it doesn’t reduce its value or limit its need for oversight. When it comes to operations management, the position encompasses more than just the fleet and its drivers, but the day-to-day functioning of a business. Protect your investment and business with better monitoring with Silent Passenger.



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