Over the recent years, the FDA has finalized numerous rules intended to improve the transportation for human and animal food transportation.

The FDA now requires all food facilities to take control, monitor, and maintain records of their transportation.

According to data retrieved from the Center for Disease Control Prevention, approximately 48 million people get sick, one-hundred thousand are hospitalized and a few thousand die each year due to foodborne illness.

SP Temperature Control

Vehicle Tracking Solutions has taken initiative: by creating a front-line software, the Silent Passenger® Temperature Control feature will help the food industry comply with this mandate.

Our technology-driven software and our sensitive temperature probes can be installed in your vehicles to assure accurate temperature control. Silent Passenger® temperature technology is particularly beneficial in deliveries of such goods as foods and beverages where the cold chain must be maintained – providing continuous monitoring and control to avoid expensive spoilage while also diminishing cross contamination and maximizing the productivity of shipping logistics such as merge-in-transit.

With Silent Passenger Temperature Control, perishable products will maintain their freshness to prevent future food-related illnesses.




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