With the weather always changing, your drivers have to be ready for anything. When your job is to drive, your drivers need to be prepared for those unexpected hiccups on the road. Being “over prepared” is never a bad thing, especially when little fixes that your drivers can do could potentially save your business a lot of money. Having a safety kit in your vehicles not only keeps your drivers safe, but your vehicles as well. Here’s some things that could be useful for your fleet:

The basic safety kit:

having some band-aids, aspirin, extra water, and necessary medication could prove to be useful on the road, especially when there are long stretches with few rest stops, having spare batteries, an extra phone charger, and some snacks could be useful. If drivers are on the road for days at the time and are going through serious weather conditions, ask for updates on the road or send messages to a mobile device on the truck to make sure that they are safe at all times.

Keeping your vehicles up to speed:

flat tires happen all the time and are unpredictable. Having a spare tire or two could save you a lot of time and can help you get back on the road on on route in no time. Extra tools like screwdrivers, jacks, wrenches and pliers might also be useful.

In case of an emergency:

Besides 911, your drivers should be prepared for an emergency when on the road. Make sure that your drivers know how to best reach you or anyone else in your company if something bad happens. If your driver happens to get lost or stuck somewhere and needs help, having flares can also prove useful. Your drivers want to be seen on the road, so reflective triangles on vehicles can potentially save lives.

These extra kits can save lives, money, and time. Make sure that they are replenished or checked at least twice a year. Especially if you are in the northeast or mid-west, having this kit to handle the changing seasons is not an accessory, but a necessity.



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