This month, we are focusing on big data and how it applies to the fleet management industry.

Top 10 Big Data Terms

Algorithm: a process or step-by-step set of operations used to solve a problem by a computer

Anonymized Data: data without personally identifiable information. Used to protect the user’s identity and privacy

Artificial Intelligence: the development of software and machines that can react and learn from actions made based on information inputted, data collection, and machine learning 

Big Data: large volumes of structured and unstructured data that are used to improve business efficiency and customer experience

Business Intelligence: refers to the tools, data, and technologies that allow better analysis and use of business data

Cloud Computing: data that is stored and processed over the internet instead of on local servers, computers, or hard drives. This data is accessible from anywhere with access to the cloud 

Internet of Things (IoT): the network of physical devices that are connected to the internet with the ability to share data

Machine Learning: the use of training models within software that allows a system to learn and improve from inputted data in order to create new models and predictions without being programmed to do so

Open Data: data that can be accessed by anyone to use or share without limitations  

Predictive Analytics: use algorithms, data, and machine learning to predict future outcomes based on historical data

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