Do you know how much planning goes into preparing your fleet for winter? Prepping for seasonal changes in a public sector fleet department can be challenging. 

With the beginning of new seasons, comes the start of new challenges, especially in the winter. The snow-filled season presents unique challenges such as snow-covered roads, slippery, ice-covered streets, and freezing temperatures. All of which are challenges that require special vehicles and planning to tackle efficiently. Without proper planning, an entire city’s operations can come to a halt.

Most towns have hundreds or even thousands of vehicles.  Keeping track of vehicle and asset locations across a township is important to maximizing efficiency.

How are you managing your public sector fleet?

Managing multiple towns within a township can be challenging and expensive. Without a proper system in place, a township can spend millions of dollars on maintenance and upkeep. Increasing efficiency while decreasing costs is crucial to proper public sector fleet management.

Fleet management solutions can help with GPS tracking, fuel spending management, driver behaviors, and more. All of the extra insight you need to make sure your public sector fleet is helping keep your township running without draining your budget.

Read this case study to learn about how Woodbridge Township saved millions of dollars while using Silent Passenger fleet management software.

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Improve accountability and community satisfaction throughout public fleets across local governments and municipalities with fleet management software.

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