How Will The Hurricane Impact Your Fleet?

Wishing that everyone in the areas affected by the hurricane stay safe this week! 1.5 million people are evacuating in anticipation of the upcoming hurricane. Traffic flows are reversing on major interstates impacting routes and increasing traffic congestion. Weather-related  road closures will impact travel, as well. Managing your fleet operations is challenging enough on a […]
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[FLEET ROUTING] Improve Fleet Functioning and Driver Efficiency with Superior Routing

SP Routing While your fleet is on the road, it’s easy for your drivers to get confused with the twists, turns, and obstacles that they may encounter. There’s a simple way to prevent some routing mistakes with Silent Passenger® and its routing feature. Key Features: All open jobs on Google Maps for easy management navigation […]
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Overlay Fleet Management Intelligence To Optimize Daily Business Operations

SP Google Maps Optimizes Routes SP Google Maps lays everything out for you: on our web-interface, you’ll be able to view your trucks and know where they’re going, assuring you that your drivers are where they need to be at all times. Key Features: With the ability to view several different screens at once, you’ll […]
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