Did you know that by 2026 the American Trucking Associations estimates the US will be short 175,000 truck drivers? 

The trucking industry is experiencing a driver shortage that can increase substantially in the next few years. Because of this, trucking companies are desperate to find ways to retain their existing drivers and find new, younger drivers. As the older workforce retires or moves on to less time-consuming and physically demanding careers, the trucking industry must find a way to attract new talent.

A shortage of drivers leads to delayed orders and increased shipping costs.

Right now, the trucking industry is fighting to find and retain the best drivers. According to a study conducted by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), the driver shortage has been in the top three most critical industry issues 12 years out of the 14 that the research was done.

While the industry struggles to attract new drivers, they are also worried about losing existing drivers.

5 Reasons Drivers Leave

  1. Poor compensation
  2. Work-life balance issues
  3. Distaste with management
  4. Inefficient policies and procedures
  5. Untimely dispatching and planning

How Can Your Business Find the Right Drivers?

Using fleet management and telematics software technology, trucking companies can improve working conditions to help with the driver shortage. Simple improvements in safety coaching, routing, and even hours of service can make a major difference in the day-to-day lives of the truckers and their outlook on their careers in the industry.

By improving working conditions, companies can reverse the driver shortage that is plaguing the industry. By implementing this new technology, they can stay competitive within the industry and attract and retain the best drivers. While the companies who do not invest in the safety, happiness, and well-being of their drivers will find themselves losing existing drivers and struggling to find new drivers.

What Can Your Business Do to Retain Drivers?

  1. Improve Safety
  2. Optimize Routes
  3. Improve Communication
  4. Increase Work-life Balance

Combat the Commercial Truck Driver Shortage with Telematics

Adopt a telematics software that is as robust and reliable as Silent Passenger, powered by Vehicle Tracking Solutions. With advanced technological features and dedicated, reliable customer support, this fleet management software can take your trucking business to the next level. Keep your drivers and your business moving forward with the power of telematics software.



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