Want to learn more about your role in Silent Passenger®? With SP Connect, SP Workforce Analysis, and SP Multiview, you’ll be able to increase your business’ efficiency by overseeing the movement of your vehicles.

SP Connect

If you want to simplify your management functions into one feature, SP Connect has the potential to be an important tool for you and your business. SP Connect is an Application Programming Interface (API) that can send scheduled jobs to navigation devices in your vehicles.

Are you worried about your drivers’ ability to stay on route? With this feature, you’ll have access to a vehicle’s route at all times by displaying the status and location of your vehicles on our Silent Passenger software. SP Connect also compares the GPS fleet tracking data to the jobs assigned in the drivers’ schedule, integrates mileage and hours of use data into our vehicle maintenance software, and connects Silent Passenger and your time-clock software to determine the punch-in and punch-out time of the driver.

SP Workforce Analysis

Another efficiency-stimulating tool that Silent Passenger offers is SP Workforce Analysis, an all-in-one feature that will give you everything you need in order to understand how your workforce functions, 24×7. SP Workforce Analysis provides services such as a mobile time clock, a mobile employee accountability tool, and a mobile inspection terminal. You’ll be able to know when your drivers start and end their day and understand their productivity: how many hours they worked, how long they idled for, and where the vehicle is parked at the end of their day. You’ll also have the opportunity to see where your vehicle stops and for how long, the amount of time between stops, and more.

SP Multiview

Are your looking for an overview of everything that’s happening with your team on the road? SP Multiview gives you everything that you could ever need: access to information on the drivers, traffic conditions and your team’s location on one screen.



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