When it comes operating heavy equipment on a job-site, keeping your machinery up and running is key. If your construction assets are not up and running, completing jobs on time can become complicated.

Timely maintenance of your yellow steel heavy equipment can pay huge dividends by avoiding costly equipment breakdowns and repairs while also extending the life of your fleet vehicles and heavy equipment for the long term. Silent Passenger’s Vehicle Maintenance module makes it easy to monitor oil changes, inspections, registrations and other routine maintenance. Automatic alerts are sent to you via email or text message, letting you know when a piece of heavy equipment or vehicle is due for maintenance.

By utilizing Silent Passenger® Maintenance, you will have the ability to:

  • Easily view fleet maintenance status of all assets, heavy equipment, and vehicles.
  • Receive scheduled reminders of key maintenance alerts.
  • Receive personally configured alerts to remind user and construction fleet manager when assets and vehicles are due for service.
  • View detailed fleet maintenance history.
  • Define items to be monitored, as well as setting of increments such as date, vehicle mileage or hours of usage.

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Having an updated list of which equipment and vehicles need what type of maintenance can save your construction business money and can prevent additional maintenance spending cost down the road.



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