The construction business can be a dangerous one, and that’s why the assurance of safety is so important. If you’re looking for a tracking solution that will precisely monitor the service hours of heavy equipment, VTS can provide a solution for you and your business.

No matter the size of your fleet, you want a management solution that can detect issues before you can catch them. With our Silent Passenger® software, you’ll be able to see how long a piece of equipment has been running, and whether vehicles are being driven after certain hours. With SP Safety, you’ll have records of your employees driving behaviors. If they put themselves or others at risk on the road, you’ll know, thanks to Silent Passenger®.

As a business, the unauthorized use of vehicles can be detrimental to your business and lead to a loss of money. With accessibility to manage your fleet on any computer, SP Workforce Analysis displays the number of hours driven by a driver, when they have made stops, and for how long. A driver’s entire day is at your disposal on our software.

Safety on the road at all hours is important. Especially in the construction industry, it’s imperative that you can keep track of the movement of assets and vehicles in an organized way. Vehicle Tracking Solutions can provide a service that can manage your business in an efficient way.



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