Do you suspect that your fleet uses excessive amounts of fuel? If you’re a landscaping, heavy equipment, or other construction business, there’s a perfect fleet management solution for you: our Silent Passenger® software and vehicle tracking devices will be able to help you save money where it really counts.

At VTS, we know that fuel plays a big part in your budget. With our SP Fuel Savings feature, your business will enhance and maximize profits. Our information-rich reporting will allow access to miles per gallon, create real-time reports on fuel consumption and record overall fuel consumption for all the vehicles in your fleet. By understanding how fuel is purchased, you’ll be able to really see how to diminish fuel spending.

With our fuel cards that we provide your business, you’ll have information on your fleet’s fuel purchases. Through our Silent Passenger® software, you’ll receive alerts when fuel cards are used without authorization or when excessive fuel purchases are being made. This way, you’ll know when your vehicles are getting gas, how much they’re spending, and how many gallons they buy.

Are you looking for a better fleet management solution that can monitor when your vehicles need maintenance work? Our Silent Passenger® Vehicle Maintenance feature can help monitor all oil changes, inspections, registrations and other routine maintenance. By recording when your vehicles are due, you’ll increase the lifespan of your vehicles. With automatic emails and text messages sent to you, your constant knowledge on the status of your vehicles will only improve with our organized breakdown; we’ll let you know when vehicles are due or overdue for maintenance. The bottom line is: you want to save money, and with Silent Passenger®, you’ll be able to cut down the dollars lost at the pump.



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