Who is Rosemar Construction Corporation?

Rosemar Construction Co. , founded in 1988, has been a leader in commercial, municipal, industrial and residential road work services on Long Island. Serving as both a primary contractor and a subcontractor, Rosemar has worked to provide a necessary service and improve upon their business’s efficiency.

How did they choose their telematics solution?

Before finding the best fleet management solution for their business, Rosemar Construction was experiencing a lack of customer support from their previous provider. With problems arising with their software and GPS tracking devices, these issues translated into daily disruptions, as time was lost due to poor communication, unreliability in the software, and scheduling issues. They needed a solution that could provide them great customer service, quality tracking and improved management of their fleet.

How are they benefiting from fleet management software?

As a construction corporation, Rosemar balances several large projects all at once. Their current fleet management solution has brought Rosemar to a whole new level of fleet business intelligence and reporting, laying the groundwork for their future success. With improved control and visibility of the fleet’s inner workings, they were able to discover real savings. They have been able to conserve fuel, cut down on lost billable hours, and have access to their fleet, wherever they go with a mobile app.

The future success of your fleet with Silent Passenger…

Vehicle Tracking Solutions has evolved to become much more than a GPS tracking service. With our Silent Passenger software, we not only provide a fleet management service, but an overall management solution on our web-based software. Our system can have everything you need in order to reach your business goals.



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