According to an FMCSA study, in 2015 alone, there were 208 large trucks involved in fatal crashes in the tri-state area. No one should have to worry about losing their life on the road. More often than not, these fatal crashes could be prevented. You and your drivers don’t want to worry about the consequences of driving recklessly, so look for a business partner that can manage your drivers’ behaviors. Fortunately, there are fleet management solutions out there that can manage your drivers and potentially save some lives on the road.

Data recorded shows that in 2015, 208 large trucks were involved in fatal crashes in the tri-state area.

There are several ways that you and your business can help keep drivers safe on the road. Fleet management solutions often come with GPS tracking devices that can record and send you information on your drivers. Here’s some ways that you can hold your drivers accountable for their driving:


Fuel consumption increases nearly 10% when your vehicles are traveling just 5 mph over the speed limit. Although fuel consumption can limit the growth of your business, speeding is a dangerous habit to acquire. Fleet management software can now alert you when vehicles go over the speed limit on residential roads and highways. No matter where they are, you’ll know exactly how fast your drivers are going.

Other Driving Behavior

If your drivers are accelerating or braking too quickly, you can have access to important driving information sent from GPS tracking devices installed in fleet vehicles. Depending on the software provider that you choose, you can have access to this data on an app that can be accessed anywhere.

When considering your options, consider Vehicle Tracking Solutions. Our Silent Passenger® software can track driver behavior through its SP Safety feature. Accessible on our mobile app for Android and Apple devices, you can watch over your drivers all the time. With Driver Score Cards, you can create and customize a rubric to score how well your drivers are driving-all scored and measured on Silent Passenger. With VTS as your partner, you can take your driver monitoring to the next level.

You have the power to save lives on the road. Will you choose to do so?



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