At Vehicle Tracking Solutions, our relationship with our customers is important. Founded in 2002, VTS has been providing our customers with a tracking solution for 15 years. As a family-owned company, we value our roots, and that’s why our tracking solution is made right here in the USA. Whether you’re a municipality, landscaping business, or towing company, our versatility allows us to work with a wide array of businesses.

While there might be other fleet management solutions out there, VTS is a business that is focused on meeting the needs of your fleet, no matter the size. Quality matters, and we know that you expect the best tracking solution and software that is not only easy to use but is supported by a team that is patient, attentive and accessible. As your business partner, we are goal-oriented and want your company to increase its efficiency and productivity with our product. Our team can work with you and customize our product to fit your business. We are committed to assisting and working alongside our customers, 24×7.



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