Did you know that the telematics industry is projected to grow by 53% in the next three years?*

Almost 90% of fleets across the U.S. have a telematics fleet tracking software solution, but as technology advances, some solutions are falling behind. Telematics software isn’t going anywhere, but it’s not enough to use your solution for simple GPS tracking anymore. Larger fleets should be using a telematics solution that has the ability to pull unique insights to allow fleet managers to make better business decisions.

What does that really mean?

Prior to analytics and data-filled dashboards, you didn’t have a lot of concrete knowledge to base your fleet management and operational decisions on. You knew where your drivers were, but you couldn’t tell how much they spent on fuel, how much time they spent idling, and other key insights. The latest telematics software solutions provide all of that information and more.

With the intersection of big data and business intelligence with fleet tracking software, fleet managers have the knowledge they need to make better business decisions.

Silent Passenger’s Fleet IQ feature allows you to use fleet intelligence to improve and optimize decisions and performance across your fleet.

Benefits of Fleet IQ

  • API integrations seamlessly push and pull data
  • Advanced analytics dashboards
  • Ability to view historical data trends
  • Manage fleet proactively with predictive analytics
  • Optimize performance with real-time data and alerts

Learn more about your fleet than ever before with Silent Passenger.

Are you interested in learning more about the changes to the telematics industry in 2019? Download our guide to learn the top 5 telematics trends of the new year.

*(C.J. Driscoll)


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