Any good telematics system has Geofencing and Landmark functionality built-in. While similar superficially, they are very different concepts. This post details Silent Passenger’s Landmarks. In each functionality example below, an example will be given to make the feature more applicable to your fleet experience.
















A Landmark allows you to specify an area on a map with either a set radius or polygon shape (a polygon being a customizable shape).

Whenever a vehicle is within the polygon or another shape, we use the Landmark name for the location description. This is helpful in a number of areas of Silent Passenger. In our reports, you can quickly identify important locations by name instead of the street address.


Example: A courier service delivering packages would like to identify “restock” visits to determine how frequently their vehicles return to a distribution center during the day.
Our hover-over bubble will also show landmarks names if applicable.




Example: A limo service receives a call that the limo has not arrived yet. Checking the hover-over bubble, they can see the landmark name indicating they arrived recently.

Landmarks may also be displayed on the map individually, by categories or all at once as seen by our own account’s McDonald’s categories.




Example: A long-haul truck is running low on fuel in an unfamiliar area. Dispatch use their “Fuel Stations” overlay to find stations that accept their Fuel Cards.

Landmarks can be used for more than just at-a-glance insight.
Our ETA functionality in the hover-over bubble can be used to determine ETA to landmarks by typing their name instead of memorizing each street address.



Example: With the above example, Dispatch can enter the landmark name of the closest fuel station to generate an ETA.

Landmark  alerts can be created for text or email notifications when a vehicle/branch/all enters or exits a landmark during a specific schedule as well!



Example: An HVAC technician company has issues with vehicles being used after-hours for personal purposes.

Sometimes their drivers take their vans when heading out to dinner to save gas money. The Fleet  Manager can create an alert for after-hours use to notify if a vehicle leaves their parking lot.




Example:  A Private Security company has contractual obligations to visit their customer sites a number of times per day/week.

To automate on-site confirmation with their customer, a Landmark  Category Stops Details reportis created and delivered to their customer weekly, showing on-site time and duration.
Getting Landmark data in the account can be handled in a number of ways.
Via our API, manual landmark creation, clicking on historic locations in reports or our Route Playback. We also have a mass import feature which allows the upload of a spreadsheet.



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