According to the FMCSA 2017 Pocket Guide to Large Truck and Bus Statistics, there were 171,415 logbook violations in 2016.

ELD Mandate Compliance

With the recent ELD mandate, it might appear that all problems with logbooks will be resolved, but unfortunately, problems will still rise. One of the main problems that many drivers face is below:

A conundrum: truckers have to either stop and comply with FMCSA rules or continue driving so that they reach their destination on time.

This is a tricky situation, and one of the criticisms from truckers on the past ELD mandate. Many drivers, especially in the food delivery industry, are facing tougher deadlines, which does not take into account the traffic that they often face. Either way, there isn’t a great solution to this problem, but it is encouraged by law for truckers to stop once they’ve reached the maximum hours of work. The main reason for the mandate was to reduce accidents on the road because many truckers were working with little to no sleep. While many truckers might be unhappy with the mandate, it will save lives.

Expect and anticipate that your drivers might feel a bit frustrated with the electronic logbooks. The most important thing is an open dialogue between your business’ operations and the drivers: if it means leaving earlier to avoid traffic, or stopping and clocking out, the connection between drivers and your operations is probably one of the most important relationships that drive your business’ success.

ELD Fleet Management Software Solution

When driving on the road, safety should be everyone’s main concern. The truth is this: when it comes to safety, there is only so much that the logbooks can do to prevent accidents. Fleet management software that can detect other factors: driver behavior, speed, traffic and more that affect the life of the truck driver. While the FMCSA might be adding more and more regulations, every business can benefit from more than just an ELD to be more efficient and save money: a fleet management solution can do more.




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