Is dangerous driving negatively impacting your business’ bottom line? 

How many accidents are your drivers involved in each year? Do you know exactly how much each of those accidents cost your business?

The truth is, many accidents are preventable. Between distracted driving and aggressive driving, both commercial and private drivers put themselves at risk every day.

The Financial Impact of Ignoring Fleet Safety

The cost of running a fleet rises with every increase in fuel prices, vehicle maintenance, insurance premiums, and other unavoidable expenses. Keeping costs low is a top priority for all businesses with a fleet of vehicles. After all, the purpose of the fleet is to help the business make money not spend money. while you do have to invest money in your fleet, as you do any other aspect of your business, there are steps you can take to minimize unnecessary spend.

Fleet Safety Program

One of the most effective ways to cut back on expenses is to improve fleet safety. By establishing a fleet safety program, and properly training your drivers, you can cut back on the number of accidents that your fleet is involved in.

3 core elements of a fleet safety program: 

  • Establish a Driver Safety Policy
    • Eliminate distracted driving and other unsafe behaviors by establishing cell phone policies and more.
  • Driver Coaching and Training
    • Create individualized driver training plans to correct dangerous driving habits.
  • Preventative Maintenance
    • Ensure all of your vehicles are in good condition to avoid breakdowns.

To make your fleet safety program effective you need to increase your awareness of fleet operations. With the right telematics solution, you can learn more about your fleet and use those insights to make better management decisions.

Fleet Safety Technology

Telematics software collects millions of data points from your drivers, vehicles, and business each day. Then, it analyzes the data to give you the insights you need to improve efficiency and lower operational costs.

The software helps you help your business without spending hours updating spreadsheets, tracking down driver activity, and piecing together information. Data-driven fleet safety technology saves you time and money by giving you the information you need to run a safe and productive fleet.

Benefits of Fleet Safety Technology  

Correlate driving behaviors with operational expenses by monitoring and scoring driver behaviors, creating individualized coaching plans, and examining real-time and historical data. Learn how an advanced fleet safety telematics software can allow you to gain unique insights to make smarter data-driven decisions in the fleet safety guide.

  • Customizable algorithmic driver scorecards allow for individualized coaching and training  
  • Reduce fuel expenses by connecting drivers to their vehicle  
  • Minimize maintenance expenses by identifying and correcting behaviors that lead to accidents and vehicle wear and tear  
  • Protect your bottom line by connecting the impact of driver behaviors on your business 
  • Improve driver retention by creating a safe fleet culture 
  • Real-time alerts and historical reporting give you a full picture  



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