Chances are toll reconciliation is one of the major headaches you experience as someone who oversees fleet operations.

With tens, hundreds, or maybe even thousands of vehicles, keeping up with expenses such as fuel, vehicle maintenance, and tolls is challenging.

Each and every vehicle in your fleet that passes through a toll is charged. At the end of the month, you are probably facing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in toll fees. Wouldn’t it be nice to be absolutely sure that your vehicles are charged accurately?

What if you are paying for tolls that your vehicle did not pass through? What if you are missing receipts and you are unsure of where the charges are coming from? What if your drivers are using your allotted toll spend to pay for their personal trips or vehicles?

You may not have realized it yet, but your fleet could benefit from a toll management system.

Toll Management Systems

Think about it this way, you make an effort to monitor driver behavior, vehicle wear and tear, fuel spend, routing, and many more aspects of your fleet, so why are you ignoring toll expenses?

At this point, you probably have a solution that helps you manage maintenance and fuel, but what about toll management? Maybe you didn’t know this technology existed, or maybe you didn’t know you needed it. Either way, continue reading to learn about toll management and how combining it with your fleet data can help your fleet run smoother and save money.

Combining the Power of Telematics and Toll Management

An even better solution to the toll reconciliation problem is to combine your solution with a fleet data management software. This way, you can see who was behind the wheel of the vehicle passing through the tools, confirm that the vehicle was at the toll at the time it was charged, and so much more.

Are you wasting money by not carefully monitoring toll spend?

There are endless reasons why toll management and fleet data management software combined can be beneficial for your fleet. Attend our upcoming webinar to hear them from Ryan Wilkinson, the Chief Technology Officer of Vehicle Tracking Solutions, and Daniel Mahl, a Strategic Account Executive from Bestpass, Inc.

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