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ELD Compliance: Did You Make the Right Choice?

Violations are down less than 50% since the ELD mandate was enacted. This mandate demanded that fleets adopt solutions that would help them avoid these violations, but based on the numbers, something isn't adding up. Is your fleet one of the many victims of an...

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How to Use Telematics to Improve Driver Retention

Finding reliable drivers to hire is difficult enough, but keeping good drivers is even more challenging. The commercial trucking industry struggles to not only find new drivers but to retain good drivers as well. Unfortunately, due to the demands of the job, which are...

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Combating the Driver Shortage with Telematics

Did you know that by 2026 the American Trucking Associations estimates the US will be short 175,000 truck drivers?  The trucking industry is experiencing a driver shortage that can increase substantially in the next few years. Because of this, trucking companies are...

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Fleet Data And Toll Management: A Comprehensive Solution

Chances are toll reconciliation is one of the major headaches you experience as someone who oversees fleet operations. With tens, hundreds, or maybe even thousands of vehicles, keeping up with expenses such as fuel, vehicle maintenance, and tolls is challenging. Each...

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