ELD, ELD Mandate, GPS Tracking, Vehicle Tracking, Employees, GPS, Team, Service, Customer Service, AOBRDs, Automatic On-Board Recording Devices, FMCSA, eld mandate news, eld mandate date, electronic logging devices trucks, electronic logging device (eld) mandate, log book sample, aobrd compliant, aobrd fmcsaReady or not, the mandate to equip your fleet vehicles with Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) is upon us. December 2017 is the deadline, which is only a couple of months away. But if you’ve lined up a partner who can make your transition quick and hassle-free, there’s no need to worry.

Make no mistake, if your drivers currently track Hours of Service (HOS) on paper logs, this mandate is meant for you, and you’ll want to avoid the fines and penalties that come with non-compliance. Don’t try to go it alone; this regulation can be tricky. And while some solutions are only baseline compliant, others are more robust, allowing you to realize greater return on investment through operational and business advantages that improve your bottom line.

Do your homework. You’ll also want a comprehensive solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing fleet management system, because the last thing you need are the headaches of an incomplete or incompatible system.

Do you know for sure what features your ELD must include — and who among your drivers must have one, and why? Look for a partner that is willing to team up with you and walk you through implementation, not just sell you technology, which may or may not be compliant, then abandon you to pick up the pieces.

Here’s a hint: Look for a partner that has invested in resources to make the process easy. Orientation information. Compliance summaries. Even a product demo. Make your transition to ELD a smooth and productive one — fast, easy and compliant.

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