Sustainability and innovation are key to the long-term success of your organization. The telematics industry is changing rapidly as technology advances, is your solution keeping up?

If your business relies heavily on your fleet of vehicles and assets, you need the right solution to help you manage operations. At this point in time, approximately 90% of fleets across the U.S. have a fleet management solution. While simple fleet tracking software helps with fleet visibility, using a robust telematics software system that provides information on more than vehicle location, will allow you to make data-driven decisions that allow you to improve and streamline fleet operations.

Using your telematics software to maximize your fleet’s future performance.  Protecting your fleet and business in the future is a top priority for any growing organization. Advancing technologies are pulling more information than ever before. If you aren’t using this information as a tool to help your operations you could be hurting your fleet. If your telematics software isn’t adapting, it may be time to switch.


Here’s what you should look for:


Predictive Analytics

Your telematics software should be able to monitor and track driver behavior, maintenance activities, and routing. Then, it should compile that data into easy to read dashboards that allow you to visualize your fleet’s performance. While that is all helpful, the software should also learn from the data with the help of data mining, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

All of the information collected from your fleet should be used to help jumpstart more effective driver training, better routing options, and preventative maintenance plans that keep your vehicles on the road.

Your fleet’s data is intelligent, but is your solution smart enough to keep up?

The future of telematics is connected. With the right software, you can learn more than ever about your fleet and your organization. Telematics is the scalable solution that grows with your business.


Learn more about the trends in the telematics industry for the new year in the 2019 Telematics Trends Guide.


The success of your business relies on partnering with the right fleet management and telematics software provider. Is it time for you to switch to a scalable software with reliable customer support? Contact us today.




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