According to Government Fleet, more and more municipalities are looking into leasing fleet vehicles in order to save taxpayer money on repairs and buying vehicles outright.

Uncovering Municipality Fleet Savings

Municipalities are always looking to run their best on the least amount of money, using each penny sparingly. There are other ways to save funding: fleet management software can help uncover the least productive vehicles, helping to find some extra dollars.

With fleet management software, municipalities can:

  • Discover which vehicles are using more fuel than others
  • Detect when there are unauthorized uses of fleet vehicles or credit cards
  • See if drivers are taking the most efficient or fastest route to their destination
  • Keep track of all maintenance needed for the entire fleet
  • Analyze recorded driver data
  • And more!

Leasing your vehicles might be something that you need to consider in order to keep your municipalities’ affairs in order. Consider investing in fleet management software: not only will it save you money, but it will help streamline your operations encouraging higher productivity and increasing the efficiency of your fleet.

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