As a municipality that provides emergency services and other important jobs for your community, it’s important to optimize the inner workings of your fleet. With Vehicle Tracking Solutions’ Silent Passenger®, our partners have access to data that will save them money while providing them with tools to provide better services for the community. Here’s two Silent Passenger features that can shed some light onto what really happens once your drivers start their day:

SP Safety

An emergency vehicle may not be following the rules of the road at all times- but when they’re not rushing to the scene, how well do they drive? Our SP Safety feature provides a two-in-one service that monitors the movement of your fleet with reference to posted speed limits. With SP Speed®, you’ll know exactly how fast your drivers are going on either a residential road or a highway. You’ll create opportunities to save money on fuel with alerts that will tell you when your drivers are driving too quickly. Since fuel consumption increases nearly 10% when your vehicles travel just 5 miles over the speed limit, you’ll have the opportunity to save money with the SP Speed feature. Besides SP Speed, we offer SP Driver Behavior, a tool that records data when your drivers accelerate or brake too quickly. Both SP Speed and SP Driver Behavior will indicate when your drivers are putting themselves or others in danger while on the road.

SP Fuel Savings

It seems to be pretty obvious that besides spending money on vehicle maintenance, a good chunk of taxpayers’ money goes to fueling your vehicles. With SP Fuel Savings, you can track the miles per gallon and overall fuel consumption of both individual vehicles and your entire fleet, recognizing where unnecessary spending of fuel is taking place. Vehicle Tracking Solutions also offers fuel credit cards which can also help you manage your fuel spending and can monitor when the cards are being used without the proper authorization.

While SP Safety and Fuel Savings can benefit almost any business or company that is searching for a fleet management solution, municipalities would most likely depend on these features the most. It’s vital to stay in budget in the government sector, and any way to decrease costs would allow for spending to go elsewhere, which would give even more back to the community. With Vehicle Tracking Solutions, you’ll have the management software and GPS tracking devices to help your municipality.



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