Do you know what is happening across your mobile workforce on a day-to-day basis? Do you want to improve fleet accountability? 

Mobile workforces present unique challenges. While a traditional office has all employees working in one location, a mobile workforce is out in the field. A manager may not see their team more than a few times a week.

This creates issues with communication, job completions, and managing spend.

These are just a few of the main issues at the forefront of a fleet manager’s mind. When managing costs it is important that each mobile worker follow company policies for fuel spend, driver behaviors, and managing vehicle maintenance.

Given the distance between mobile workers and the office, how can a manager know if their workers are following policies?

You can’t be everywhere at all times, so to a certain degree, you need to trust that your employees are doing their jobs well. While you can make an effort to only hire drivers that you can trust to complete jobs in a timely manner unless you are sitting in the passenger seat of their vehicles you cannot know how reliable they really are.

  • Are they keeping up with routine vehicle maintenance appointments?
  • Do they stay under the speed limit?
  • Can you depend on them to avoid fuel burning activities such as idling?

Without complete visibility, it is impossible to definitively know whether or not your fleet is operating at peak efficiency.

Are you missing key information that you could be using to help you make better management decisions?

With the help of mobile workforce management technology, you can increase the visibility of your fleet. As the software collects information from your vehicles  and assets, you can access reports with information on your fleet’s operations. This information can tell you more about the operations of your mobile workforce than you could otherwise find out.  These insights can allow you to uncover expenses and identify opportunities to improve productivity and efficiency.

Mobile workforce management becomes simpler when you can monitor the productivity of your fleet in real-time. With the information gathered by telematics software, you can collect information about all aspects of your fleet. Allowing you to make better, data-driven business decisions.

Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management Technology

Improve Fleet Accountability with Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software can monitor vehicle locations, fuel use, driver behavior, and more. All of which help you make smarter decisions while managing your mobile workforce. It’s important to choose a fleet management software that is configurable to meet the needs of your fleet.

Silent Passenger is the comprehensive solution to mobile workforce challenges. 

Download the Mobile Workforce Management guide to learn more today.





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