Finding reliable drivers to hire is difficult enough, but keeping good drivers is even more challenging. The commercial trucking industry struggles to not only find new drivers but to retain good drivers as well.

Unfortunately, due to the demands of the job, which are time-consuming, a career as a commercial driver is hard to balance with family life. Many drivers find themselves struggling to maintain relationships with their families, spouses, significant others, and children with all of the time they spend away on the road.

Additionally, the job requires long hours on the road without a chance for exercise and many times without an opportunity for a healthy meal. Drivers struggle with health issues due to their often unhealthy diets, inactivity, and inconsistent sleep. The lifestyle is demanding and only gets more difficult as time goes on.

On top of that, there are safety issues that come with spending so much time on the road. Unsafe behaviors from the drivers, other people on the road, bad weather, poor road conditions, and more add to the dangers of the job.

There are hundreds of reasons for drivers to leave behind their career in the trucking industry, but does your business have what it takes to make them stay?

While there are many downfalls to this career, it also offers numerous benefits:

  • Flexible work schedule
  • Job security
  • Opportunity to travel

With the right driver retention strategies in place, you can show your drivers that staying with your company is the right decision. To start, examine your fleet’s operations, what are your biggest challenges? Often times, those challenges will trickle down to impact your employees as well.

Find areas where you can make changes to improve the efficiency and functionality of the entire fleet. Then, make those changes and see if that improves the experience of your employees at your company.

What Can Your Business Do to Retain Drivers?

  1. Improve Safety
  2. Optimize Routes
  3. Improve Communication
  4. Increase Work-life Balance

Using telematics software, you can learn key information about your fleet’s operations that will allow you to make changes to improve your fleet’s operations.

Read this post to learn more about how your fleet can use telematics to combat the driver shortage. 

Do you want to learn more about managing your mobile workforce? Download the guide today. 






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