Wishing that everyone in the areas affected by the hurricane stay safe this week!

1.5 million people are evacuating in anticipation of the upcoming hurricane. Traffic flows are reversing on major interstates impacting routes and increasing traffic congestion. Weather-related  road closures will impact travel, as well.

Managing your fleet operations is challenging enough on a day-to-day basis, a major hurricane only adds to the challenge.

Here are a few aspects of fleet management to keep in mind as you anticipate the coming storm:


  • FuelThe flooding, winds, and rain damage caused by the hurricane can affect fuel supply. Limited resources can lead to shortages and high prices.  While it’s crucial to ensure that your fleet is fueled properly, but this also brings the opportunity for fuel fraud. Are your drivers using your company fuel cards to fill their personal or family vehicles?
  • Safety Safety is another issue to take into account during the storm. With an increased number of drivers on the roads for the evacuation, there are more opportunities for collisions.
  • RoutingWith routing software and Google Maps technology, your dispatchers and fleet managers can receive real-time alerts about traffic conditions, optimize routes to avoid high traffic areas, and have full visibility into the locations of your entire fleet on one platform.


Do you have the technology to keep your fleet moving safely?

The right fleet management and telematics software can provide real-time updates on road closures, allow for re-routing, and even driver safety monitoring.

Without fleet management software, how will you combat this?

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