Anytime during the year,  you’re faced with opportunities to take your business to the next level – and because your business relies on a fleet of vehicles, Silent Passenger to help you make real changes on many fronts.

With cutting-edge technology, precise reporting, and actionable data – VTS makes it easy to manage your fleet, increase productivity, and maximize profits

Control Fuel Costs with SP Fuel Savings

Were you aware that fuel usage increases close to 10% whenever your vehicles travel simply 5 mph above the speed limit? Silent Passenger delivers real-time reports for each vehicle within your fleet, providing you crucial details about miles per gallon along with general fuel usage. Additionally, you will receive notifications concerning excessive fuel expenditures as well as unauthorized usage of fleet credit cards.

Reduce Accidents and Improve Performance with SP Safety

Get real-time data as well as historical reporting on how your team’s behavior on the roadways, allowing you to correct or reward based on performance.

SP Speed solution instantaneously notifies you the moment your vehicles surpass placed speed limits, producing considerable financial benefits concerning fuel expenses. Beyond the financial and safety advantages of minimizing speeding, SP Speed brings it one step further by broadening the tracking threshold to not only highways but will also include residential areas as well.

Do your drivers often accelerate too rapidly, producing safety concerns and sacrificing money in excessive fuel use? Are they stopping way too hard, increasing the odds of collisions from behind in addition to producing unwanted wear and tear on the vehicle? Are they traveling too fast, going above speed limits and risking the safety of themselves, other drivers and pedestrians? Have the answers to every one of these concerns, in real-time, through Silent Passenger’s driver behavior module.

Improve Customer Service and Confidence with SP Quick View

Raise your relationships with customers by giving them the capability to temporarily view and utilize specified elements of Silent Passenger. Such as enabling customers to immediately see where your vehicle is located in real-time. SP Quick View may be tailored for every customer to allow or limit access to types of information such as vehicle routes, ETA and driver info – keeping your customers continually in the loop.

Always Stay On The Right Track with SP Routing

Silent Passenger’s Routing module could possibly significantly enhance productivity and efficiency throughout your entire fleet. See all open jobs and create routes visually using the map, streamline each route to reduce travel times and reduce fuel usage. In addition, you may combine the routing module with our Silent Passenger Garmin solution for automatic communication of route information to the Garmin device in a vehicle – allowing wireless sending of real-time route status and insight in addition to delivering an optional turn by turn guidance module that may further enhance driver productivity.

Tame Payroll Expenses with Silent Passenger

Silent Passenger’s multi-faceted app for workforce assessment provides the flexibility of a mobile time clock, a wireless workforce accountability instrument, as well as a compact inspection station…. all in one. Collect real-time reports displaying precisely when a driver’s workday begins and finishes. Establish driver productiveness by means of getting the exact position every vehicle starts its working day, the number of hours worked, the number of hours it had been moving or idling, as well as the physical address that it was left at the conclusion of the workday. Additionally, analyze employee productivity and efficiency simply by reviewing every stop generated by a vehicle in addition to the time frame in between stops, time period of stop, along with mileage in between stops.

By adding the power of Vehicle Tracking Solutions’ Silent Passenger to your fleet, you have the ability to manage your team to peak efficiency! To hear more give us a call at 1.800.671.5222 or get started today!




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