Long days and overtime can put a strain on both your drivers and vehicles. As problems in your community arise, the weather turns, forcing your public servants to not only handle the problems that they face, but the obstacles that they face serving your people.

When rushing to a scene, you want to ensure that your vehicles will run smoothly, with no hiccups. In the face of adversity, you want a vehicle that you can trust to serve your community in a productive way. Managing your fleet efficiently is important, especially since your budget is provided by the tax payers. Luckily, there’s an easy and preventative method that can help you save money.

You can’t run your fleet without your vehicles. The right fleet management software can help you save money by being the best organizational tool. Having an updated list of which vehicles need what type of maintenance can save you money and can prevent accidents and extra maintenance spending down the road. You might have researched what fleet software providers can offer your business, but Vehicle Tracking Solutions provides an option that has the potential to be more.

As a part of our Silent Passenger software, our SP Vehicle Maintenance feature organizes and updates the maintenance needs of all the vehicles in your fleet. This feature makes it easy to monitor oil changes, inspections, registrations and other routine maintenance. With automatic alerts sent to you via email or text message, you’ll know exactly what your fleet needs.

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