Fleet Efficiency 

It’s difficult to think about the possibility of snow storms as we enter the dog days of summer in August. But, like many municipalities on the east coast, this is exactly what Monroe Township is doing. The winter weather continues to be unpredictable, as seen with several inches of snow falling late March 2017 in New Jersey. In preparation for the upcoming winter months, Monroe Township is already looking to improve productivity and efficiently of vehicles in its departments that deal with significant logistics. 

Monroe Township has begun its roll out of Silent Passenger to more than 130 of the town’s vehicles to improve customer service and operational efficiency. By equipping the Department of Public Works, Utility Department, Police Department, EMS and Transportation Department vehicles with Silent Passenger, the town offices will gain valuable fleet intelligence to help make data-driven decisions that affect route optimization, response times and vehicle efficiency to meet its business objectives.  

Operational Efficiency Improves Customer Service 

One of the Silent Passenger features being implemented is the Vehicle Maintenance Module, enabling Monroe Township to automate the tracking and scheduling of routine maintenance. The real-time alerts and customizable reports keep the fleets running at peak efficiency and help avoid vehicle downtime to keep them on road as needed. Real-time safety monitoring and scorecards also help ensure best practices in driving are adhered to for minimal financial risks associated with unsafe driving behaviors. Silent Passenger software complemented by the Silent Passenger mobile app, provides administrative teams and fleet managers with the versatility to stay in touch with its vehicles on the road through a mobile device to quickly respond to calls.  

There are ancillary advantages that Monroe Township will also realize from Silent Passenger, which include prolonging the life of vehicles, better fuel efficiency and safe driving records — all contributing to improved customer service. On a clear path to preparing for the winter, Monroe Township can seamlessly expand on its fleet management software as it continues to see the benefits of Silent Passenger. 

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