It’s been everywhere in the news: school bus companies around the country are experiencing labor shortages. While some may blame the improvement of the economy and better economic and job opportunities in the market to be reason for lack of employment, others point to the lack of pay and the unorthodox work day.
Being a driver in a fleet is hard. Especially when getting children from point A to B on schedule and in a safe way, your job- whether a bus driver or fleet manager, is important. If you’re short a couple of bus drivers, you can take advantage of the monetary resources available by installing a GPS fleet tracking software for your school bus fleet.

Fleet management software might be seen as a little pricey, but if you’re short a few drivers, the allocation of resources can be easily moved towards the investment in the right fleet management solution for your bus company. The return on investment for the management products currently on the market is huge. It might mean ponying up money up front, but in the long run, it could potentially turn into a great service that many can benefit from – your business, the school, and the parents of the children on board.
While different fleet management solutions offer different services, it’s important to take advantage of what is on the market and how that can benefit your company. With updated routing, driver behavior reporting, ETAs, fuel and vehicle maintenance updates, your school bus fleet will save thousands on a management solution. The ROI alone will show you the power that rests in responsible management.

Whether in the office or on your phone, you can have insight into your fleet with Silent Passenger, powered by Vehicle Tracking Solutions.



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