Everyone feels the effect of rising gas prices, but fleet owners and operators tend to feel it the most.

Fuel Management Solutions

Keeping a car fueled is always expensive, but when gas prices spike a trip to the gas station hurts a little more than usual.

The average person only has to worry about filling the gas tank of their car or their family members’ cars. A fleet owner has to monitor the cost of fueling every truck or vehicle in their fleet, which is a substantially higher cost. Even the slightest increase in gas prices can cause a huge headache.

Do you know how much your fleet is spending on fuel? Do you have a way to monitor how much fuel each driver is purchasing? Better yet, do you know whether or not your drivers are using your company’s fuel cards to fill their personal vehicles?

According to AAA, the national gas price average has risen to the highest point since the summer of 2015 and is still climbing. In fact, the national average gas price is currently 30 cents higher than just over a year ago. This could have a significant impact on overall fleet spending.

What does this mean for your fleet? It means that you need to find a better way to manage fuel consumption. Silent Passenger’s fleet management software has the option to provide each driver with a fuel card that monitors when a driver fills their gas tank, where they are in relation to the vehicle that they should be driving, and how much fuel they use.

Fuel management solutions reduce the risk of overspending on fuel, unauthorized usage, and fuel waste with behaviors such as excessive idling, speeding, and more. Monitoring driver behaviors is essential to managing fuel use. Fuel consumption increases nearly 10% when your vehicles are traveling at just 5 mph over the speed limit.

Implementing a fleet management solution that monitors fuel consumption and driver behavior is the best way to ensure that your fleet is not overspending on fuel.

Keep your fuel spending low and your drivers safer with Silent Passenger fleet management software.


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