As a municipality, your job is to provide the best service at the lowest price for your community. At Vehicle Tracking Solutions, we can provide your municipality with a fleet optimization solution that will help manage your government functions. With our GPS tracking devices and Silent Passenger® fleet management software, not only will you have help managing your fleet, but you’ll see a large ROI and save money where it really counts.

Whether an ambulance, garbage truck, snow removal truck or any other government vehicle, you want to make sure that your drivers are behind the wheel doing what they are supposed to do. Silent Passenger offers a wide array of features, but with Driver Identification, you can eliminate the unauthorized use of your municipality’s vehicles. With a key fob installed in every vehicle, your drivers will be able to clock-in, letting you know who’s driving, always. With the SP Driver ID feature, you’ll be able to have more control over the drivers in your fleet.

No matter where they are and no matter the time, your vehicles and drivers will be accounted for with our GPS tracking devices. Have peace of mind while managing your fleet at the office or while on the road with our Silent Passenger Android and Apple application. Money is power, and by saving so much money with a fleet management solution, you’ll have more power to make a real impact on your community.

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