At Vehicle Tracking Solutions, we provide Silent Passenger® software that can be tailored to you and your business’ needs. In our SP features series, VTS will highlight one of Silent Passenger’s useful tools. Today, we’ll take a look into SP Google Maps and SP Safety.

Silent Passenger takes Google Maps to the next level: by using the powerful capabilities and large reach of Google Maps, Silent Passenger makes it even easier to pinpoint the locations of all the vehicles in your fleet simultaneously. With the Google Maps feature, you will be able to see when you can see where your vehicles are with real-time traffic updates.

SP Google Maps brings everything together: with other features like SP Safety, you will not only see where your vehicles are, but in what direction they are going, and at what speed that the driver is driving. With SP Speed®, Silent Passenger will alert you when a vehicle goes over the speed limit on highways and in residential areas. You’ll know what’s happening on the road with your entire fleet, wherever you are, thanks to our web-based software.

Want to learn more about driver responsibility within your business? With SP Driver Behavior, you will get an in-depth look at your driver’s habits on the road. You’ll be able to see if they accelerate too quickly, break too hard, or are putting themselves or others on the road in danger due to their driving behavior. If you want to find answers as to how accidents happened or how vehicles are being treated on the road, then SP Google Maps and SP Safety are features that would benefit your business.

SP Google Maps and SP Safety are just two features that our Silent Passenger tracking software can offer your business. Whether your business falls in the construction, field services, transportation, government, utilities or delivery industry, Vehicle Tracking Solutions can give your fleet a management solution that can meet your demands.




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