Fleet Driver Safety Management

Monitor and manage fleet driver behaviors to reduce accidents, injury, and liability.

Manage, Monitor, and Coach Drivers to Reduce Risks Across Your Fleet

  Silent Passenger seamlessly connects you with drivers to help ensure best practices in safety are put in place with SP Driver Behavior and SP Driver Score Card.  Driver behavior monitoring allows you to address issues before they result in fines and costly vehicle repairs. Beyond monitoring, the Driver Score Card in Silent Passenger can be customized to meet your specific safety goals.

Build Driver Safety Score Cards

Keep individual driver score cards based on event-driven activity and violation monitoring.  Customize improvement programs, incentive good behaviors, and facilitate effective feedback. 

Identify Risky Driver Behaviors

Stay informed with more visibility into unsafe driver and vehicle activity historically and in real-time to take corrective actions.

Score your drivers based on the amount of engine idling, high limit speeding (over a set MPH threshold), exceeding posted speed limits, hard braking, rapid acceleration

SP Safety

Real-Time Safety Monitoring

Receive real-time alerts, as well as historical reports and trends within our driver behavior analysis and scorecard dashboard on speeding, safety checks and compliance, hard braking, seatbelt, aggressive driving, DOT HOS, engine on/off, lost drivers, and more.

Driver Scorecards

Silent Passenger’s driver scorecards provide historical benchmark trends and insight into drivers’ on-road activities and attributes risk and safety scoring based on speeding, seatbelt usage, hard braking, aggressive turning, hard acceleration, HOS, and unauthorized vehicle usage.

Driver Safety Training

Our easy to access driver reports allow you to identify a drivers’ unsafe driving practices and zero in on those specific habits for individualized training ensuring they are “aware” of their unsafe habits and track their progress.

Get help choosing the right fleet management software!

This guide will provide you with information needed to help determine which software is right for your fleet operations and business success, what to look for in a vendor, and discover additional ways you could improve fleet efficiency and productivity.

Leading Fleet Management Technology

More Productivity.  More Efficiency.  More Profits.

Customized enterprise fleet management and mobile workforce solution for quantifiable results. 
Whether your business objectives are to run a more efficient fleet, reduce costs, safety and compliance, or to maximize profitability, Silent Passenger offers a full stack of features with a robust telematics and analytics engine at its core. Each fleet management feature is powerful as a standalone solution to fit your needs – we will combine the power of these solutions to configure the best solution for your business.

Vehicle Maintenance

Timely maintenance of your fleet helps you avoid costly repairs and breakdowns.

Fuel Management Savings

Real-time reports for every vehicle in your fleet, gives you the essential information.

Driver Safety Management

Real-time driver monitoring and reports to maximize safety and driver training.

SP Quick View

Enable customers to instantly view your vehicle’s location in real-time.

SP Logbook (HOS)

Meet the requirements and manage Hours of Service for your drivers.

Fleet Routing

Dramatically improve efficiency and productivity throughout your entire fleet.

Driver ID

Instantly determine who is behind the wheel of any of your vehicles.

Asset Tracking

Complete visibility, control, and protection over trailers, freight, and more.

Fleet IQ

A fully customizable dashboard that provides actionable business intelligence.

Mobile Application

Stay completely in touch with your fleet no matter where you are.

SP Connect

API directly to connect Silent Passenger® to work with your other business systems.

2-Way Messaging

Send messages to drivers and equipment operators and receive replies.

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