Improve Customer Relations with SP Quick View

For any business, customer relations are an important bond that needs to be maintained to keep your business healthy. SP Quick View® allows your customers with a window into your business’ everyday operations.

Key Features: 

  • Enables customers to instantly view where your vehicle is in real time.
  • Can be customized for every customer to grant to restrict access to data such as vehicle routes, ETA and driver information.

Key Benefits: 

  • Helps to ensure that your customers are getting the quality delivery service that they deserve.
  • Creates a more efficient delivery service that ensures customer satisfaction.
  • Allowing your customer to see into your business shows that you care about every relationship with your customers.

SP Quick View can give your business the potential to retain customers at an even larger rate. Showing that you are willing show your customers the inner workings of your business can help to encourage the growth of current and even future business relationships.



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