Your drivers work long hours, all year round-no matter the conditions. Here’s some tips for those long distance trips that your fleet is bound to take during this winter:

  • Plan. Check the weather reports before your trip, and stay updated on the road. If the weather is bad, practice caution before sending your drivers on the road.
  • Make sure that the vehicle has been recently inspected, or at the very least, checked over by a technician before you send a truck on a job. Your driver is only as good as the vehicle they drive.
  • Ensure that your drivers have blankets, gloves, hats, food and water in case they find themselves in an emergency.
  • Remind your drivers to check the exhaust pipe any time they stop. If it’s clogged by snow or ice, it could lead to a carbon monoxide build up which could be potentially fatal.
  • If a driver gets caught in the snow, it’s best for them to stay in the vehicle- this makes it easier for emergency efforts to find and rescue drivers. Leaving a vehicle will expose a driver to rough conditions, and they could potentially lose sight of their vehicle, leaving them without shelter.

In the winter, the weather can turn without any notice. Remind your drivers that it’s best to practice caution. Being safe can save lives and money.




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