The first snowfall of the season was experienced by many municipalities in the nation! With snow comes ice, and with ice comes dangerous conditions. In addition to your regular municipal duties, making sure the roads are clear and safe for your community is important during this time of year.

Here’s how you can stretch your budget to combat the snow:

  • Chemicals in liquid form will probably be your best bet this season. Some of the de-icing methods that are available include: salt brine, calcium chloride magnesium chloride, or an agricultural byproduct (like distillery refuse).
  • General application is around 50 gallons per lane mile and 37 gallons per 1-acre parking area.
  • Make sure to use five to 15 gallons of liquid per ton of salt based on the chemical you’re using.
  • Follow this general rule when it comes to applying the de-icing liquid: as the temperature rises, during a storm, decrease the rate of application. If the temperature decreases, increase the amount of salt or liquid that you put down.

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There’s a better way to prepare for the icy roads ahead. Protect your community by planning for the worst: with Silent Passenger®, you can face new challenges with even greater success.




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