Improve Driver Safety

Silent Passenger offers a feature that can be beneficial to any company. SP Safety can break down virtually everything there is to know about your drivers’ behavior on the road.

Key Features:

  • With SP Speed™, you will be alerted when your vehicles exceed posted speed limits.
  • SP Driver Behavior will record when your drivers break too hard or accelerate too quickly.

Key Benefits:

  • You get to design when and how often you can receive alerts on your drivers.
  • You’ll know when your drivers are speeding on both highways and residential roads.
  • Your business will have the ability to reduce the number of accidents created and save money on vehicle maintenance.
  • With better monitoring, you’ll have information that can save money on fuel, reduce wear and tear on the vehicle, and potentially save lives

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SP Safety’s dual features—SP Speed and SP Driver Behavior—are tools that can save you and your business thousands all while contributing to an overall better environment on the roads.



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