Asset tracking software is an essential investment for any business that owns powered or non-powered asset tracking.

Whether the business has shipping containers, construction equipment, trailers, or even generators, monitoring location and utilization is important.

These are the 5 main benefits of asset tracking:

  1. Mitigate Theft and Unauthorized Usage

    What if there was a simple way to monitor your assets to prevent theft and recover stolen equipment? Geofencing technology allows you to draw a border around your job site or specific area, then send you real-time alerts if your equipment leaves that location. With these insights, you can prevent unauthorized use and quickly recover your stolen equipment.

  2. Increase Productivity

    It’s easy to lose track of equipment when it is spread across multiple job sites. With asset tracking software you can access information about engine hours and location. Don’t waste time looking for equipment or guessing the amount of time your employees spend on the job.

  3. Monitor Hours of Service

    Powered tracking solutions connect to an engine and have the ability to monitor engine hours. Improve customer service and simplify your billings by becoming aware of exactly how long your equipment was in use on the job site.

  4. Manage Maintenance

    All powered and non-powered assets need to be well maintained in order to work properly. Track your maintenance activities and manage your schedule easily with asset tracking solutions.

  5. Regulate Asset Use

    How often are you using your assets? Is there equipment that sits unused for months at a time? It may be necessary to downsize your fleet size in order to save money on maintenance.

Asset tracking technology works best to improve overall fleet efficiency and business profitability when combined with other fleet management software modules from Silent Passenger.












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