How much do you know about Asset Tracking Software?

Don’t Fall For These Top 5 Myths About Asset Tracking.

Myth 1: You Don’t Need To Track Your Drivers

Installing a vehicle tracking device on your fleet is more than just tracking your drivers.  It is about monitoring driver behavior to ensure safety, reducing fuel and maintenance costs, and improving overall efficiency of business operations.  Additionally, it allows for speedy communication between fleet managers and drivers, regarding any changes in routes, deliveries or emergencies.

Myth 2: GPS Tracking Devices Are Difficult To Install, Set Up and Use

Vehicle tracking is more of a service than a product. Who you chose for your vehicle tracking services will impact the process of installation, set up, training and service support. Remember to consider this, when you are in the process of purchasing asset tracking services.

Myth 3: Tracking is Unnecessary

If you don’t have a tracking service for your fleet, then how will you locate a vehicle, check engine status, have access to start and stop times, driver behaviors, mileage, and most importantly- fuel consumption, all of which affect your business’s bottom line.

Myth 4: Tracking Systems Are Too Expensive

Investing in a vehicle tracking system does not have to break the bank, but it is an investment worth your money. Companies who invest in tracking systems can expect to see a quick return on investment (ROI).

The savings associated with having a vehicle tracking system is much greater than the cost of service, which is usually based on monthly payments.

Myth 5: Too Busy To Implement Tracking

The more drivers, fleets, and spreadsheets you are managing, the more vital it is for you to invest in a fleet management solution. Features like asset tracking ensures that efficiency is increased across the board, and business operations and productivity are maximized.

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